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Help your Hearing
Help Yourself

with ATLAS Care

Learning Program

Each worker plays a central role in their own health & safety*

 Improve your hearing health & safety

  • For better communication, education, job performance, earnings, family and social life

  • It is linked to better physical and mental health

  • It supports overall health and living well

Check your risks, treat your hearing problems per new regulations, advisories

  • Detect hearing and ear problems early -  in privacy, no audiogram needed

  • Get low cost, quality hearing aids without prescription

  • Monitor your hearing health and know what to discuss with doctor

Advance the safety and health of others 

  • 30 -  40 million have hearing loss; it is increasing in young adults

  • Actively partner in workplace safety management 

  • Educate community on self-care guides to minimize loss

* : OSHA testimony, 2023

ATLAS Care learning program

promotes hearing health and overall health

by providing information and guides to help you make work and lifestyle choices 

Start your journey to managing your hearing healthcare and living well

OSHA Essentials


Hearing Health Check

Physical Health Check

Mental Health Check


Yourself Daily

Help Workplace, Community

Your learning is private and self-paced

  • Reliable information from US Federal and UN health organizations (see below) 

  • New information added in a timely manner

  • Learning continuation with newsletters and webinars 


Content is prepared by regulatory, hearing health and safety professionals with extensive experience in Construction, Mining, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries 


AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

DoD: Department of Defense

EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

NIH: National Institutes of Health

NIOSH: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

WHO: World Health Organization

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