Provides power for hearing aid functioning

Battery life depends on type of hearing loss, hearing aid functioning and use, ambient conditions 


How to select 

Color code on hearing aid: Yellow (10), Orange (13), Brown (312),  Blue (675)


How to replace   

  • Find battery drawer and open battery door

  • Flip hearing aid, gently tap to loosen used battery

  • Take new battery and remove plastic tab 

  • Place raised side of battery into drawer

  • Positive (flat) side should face up

  • Close battery door 

  • If battery door does not properly, battery has wrong side facing down and needs to be flipped

  • Use brush magnet to help remove and insert battery


Good Practices 

  • Note color code and how frequently you change (hearing aid indicator) and estimate your monthly need for an 'Auto' monthly order 

  • Replace dead batteries immediately

  • Order ahead of time or have recurring order so you do not have to remember to restock

  • Keep extras in sac to carry with you at all times

  • Turn off your aid when not in use