Slim Tube


Delivers sound from hearing aid into the ear canal


How to select 

  • Prebent thin tube: Right (red), Left (blue)

  • Length range 0B-3B with 3B being the longest 

  • Pick tube length that best allows for snug, not tight, fit along ear

How to replace 

  • Pop off old tube from top of hearing aid

  • Push tube until it stays in place 

Good practices 

  • Note length (e.g. 1B) that feels best for you

  • If you do not know your length, try 'Select Pack'

  • Change when discolored, stiff, noticeable decrease in sound quality

  • Frequent cleaning of clogged debris may distort shape and loosen dome 

  • Change dome when you change tube

  • Replace every 3 months or as needed