When to Consult Doctor 

​Doctor: An Ear, Nose, and Throat physician (also known as an ENT or otolaryngologist), can administer a medical exam. The exam will rule out any medical reason for your hearing loss which would require medical or surgical treatment.


Consult doctor promptly if you have any of the following 8 signs:

  1. Visible deformities of the ear since birth or from injury

  2. Fluid, pus, or blood coming  out of the ear within the previous 3 months

  3. Sudden, quickly worsening, or fluctuating hearing loss within the previous 3 months

  4. Dizziness

  5. Hearing loss in only one ear or a large difference in hearing between ears

  6. Significant ear wax build up or feeling that something is in the ear canal

  7. Pain or discomfort in the ear

  8. Tinnitus or ringing in one or both of your ears 

FDA Code of Federal Regulations, 21CFR801.420